We are on a mission

to share the stories of the creators who are creating things they believe will shift culture, regardless if they are creating for 1 person, 100 people, 1,000 people, or even 1M people.

Power & Control to the Creators.

This is the principle we were founded on, and it is the one that continues to motivate us every day. We’ve spent almost two decades creating digital archives for some of the top creative icons, such as Bob Dylan, The Property Brothers, Essence Magazine, The New Orleans Jazz Festival, so they could better utilize and monetize their digital assets.

In late 2019, our founders felt called to take those same capabilities and create a platform that will help creators - of every kind - better utilize and monetize their own digital assets, wherever they are in their creative journey.

Now we have a community of 70,000+ creators, from every part of the globe, who are creating for their friends & families, for their work, for their communities, and for the global community.

Starchive makes it easy for all of us to preserve, curate, and capitalize on, our digital assets, without giving up control of them.

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Starchive is a platform that was designed for you to archive, curate, repurpose, & monetize your digital assets. It’s like Dropbox, but made specifically for creators with all of today’s innovative tools. You can even mint NTFs and store your NFTs from multiple marketplaces right inside your Starchive!

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